Have you ever had an instance where your carpet took too long to dry before you could resume your everyday routine? Or, after it dried, the stains were already visible, though you cleaned the carpet thoroughly to clear up the mess? What does one do if traditional carpet cleaning processes are not giving satisfactory results?

One organic method among the various carpet cleaning methods is dry carpet cleaning, which is used to remove algae, mold, mildew, and rapid re-soiling. The dry cleaning product will groom the carpet and leave it dry in minutes from the initial vacuuming to an accelerator’s application (a cleaning solvent).

Dry carpet cleaning services companies in Georgia and worldwide are helping residential and commercial spaces with this new method. The extraction of stubborn dirt from the carpet’s fiber is extremely convenient with the dry carpet cleaning method. The best thing about this process is that one can use the carpet within 10-15 minutes after cleaning. If you have a commercial space, this is the best carpet cleaning method for your organization.


The majority of carpet cleaning suppliers recommend dry carpet cleaning as a solution to most unintended issues. Whether at home or work, your carpets are capable of accumulating dust and bacteria, as a standard vacuum or domestic cleaning cannot reach them.

Carpet cleaning facilities are recommended to be used at least once a year. Moreover, carpets that appear to be clean can harbor various particulates (bacteria and viruses) that can pollute the air quality around you. Dry cleaning is safer for both pets and children, neither pollute the environment nor necessitate wastewater disposal.

Dry carpet cleaning is a kind of eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Georgia and worldwide, helping save the environment. It requires an extremely less amount of water and uses chemical-free cleaning solvents.

The carpet backing does not fade, stretch, or decay with the dry carpet cleaning method. You will have a clear-looking and odor-free carpet in your space.


The first move is to use a strong vacuum and a counter spinning brush system. Experts manage the high-quality machinery and effective cleaning materials. They raise the carpet and clear the loose mud, dirt, and allergens (mold and dust mites) found on the carpet’s surface.

Second, a low-moisture pre-treatment is given to whisk up the visible streaks and spots. To clean any remaining stains, professionals emulsify them in a citrus-based solution.

The natural microsponges (a cleaning base) are spread and rubbed thoroughly over the carpet using the counter-spinning brushes. They work similarly to sponges in the kitchen, dissolving and trapping stains, soils, and odors by absorbing them from the carpet’s fiber. When a suitable result is obtained, the carpet can be vacuumed up for the final step.


Dry carpet cleaning services companies in Georgia are providing a safe and effective cleaning method. To keep your carpet, family, and environment safe, you must prefer the dry carpet cleaning method,consult with your friendly neighborhood Carpet Cleaning Company(All Fresh Carpet Cleaners about this method when you need to clean your carpets. Check relevant feedbacks from previous clients and employ this best carpet cleaning process in your home or office.