All Fresh Carpet Cleaners is now providing Covid-19 disinfectant services. In keeping with our mission and our tradition since the year 2010, we are committed to only cleaning with biodegradable 100% green products that are safe for you, your family, your pets, the environment, and our certified technicians. The proprietary formula that we use is a botanical disinfectant that kills over 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds! This product is a proprietary formulation made from botanical essential oils, which is EPA approved and has proven to kill a 99.99% of the designated tested microorganisms required for broad-spectrum claims of hospital disinfectant effectiveness. SUITABLE FOR: food preparation surfaces, cutting boards, refrigerator and handles, stove and handles, conventional ovens, toaster ovens, microwaves, countertops, tables, sinks, toilets, fixtures, cabinet, doorknobs and handles, bed frames and rails, computer keyboards, garbage cans, children's toys, high chairs, changing tables, pet areas, sports equipment, kitchen islands, etc...


A new innovative one-step disinfectant cleaner specially formulated with whole essential plant oils, a proprietary botanical active ingredient - Thymol present as a component of Thyme Oil. There are no synthetic copies of the chemicals found within the oils. Typical disinfectants required 10 minutes of contact time, which is difficult to achieve on vertical surfaces and materials. The product we use solves this problem by being specifically formulated to kill gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria with a more realistic contact time of just 30 seconds!


  • No synthetic chemicals
  • No Label warnings or precautionary statements
  • No PPE (personal protective equipment) required
  • No evacuation of home/building occupants is required.
  • No rinsing or wiping is required, even on food contact surfaces.


Even though there is no rinsing or wiping required, it is very important to remove dust and debris from all surfaces. It is safe and suitable for use around children, pets, the elderly, and chemically-sensitive individuals so that you can relax about chemical contamination, over-spraying, and the evacuating of your loved ones at home or business building occupants. One of the main products that we use is called Benefect Decon 30. It is an N-list disinfectant, rated by the EPA to kill SARS CoV-19, the virus that causes COVID-19. Decon 30 kills bacteria with only 30 seconds of contact time, making it a fast-acting solution for the real-world needs of disinfectant professionals. Ideal for use in residential and commercial buildings, food service areas, hospitals, medical clinics, schools, and government buildings, it safely and naturally disinfects, cleans, deodorizes, and decontaminates. Benefect Decon 30 uses the essential oil derived from thyme, which the plant uses as its natural "immune system" in the wild. This active ingredient is rated by the EPA as having a no known adverse effects to human health or the environment. We use Benefect Decon 30 so that we can naturally clean and disinfect with confidence. Give us a call now at @678-973-9991 to set up your appointment to experience our state-of-the-art 100% biodegradable disinfectant fogging.