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Chances are the roof over your mind has become the most valuable asset you own. You spent a lot of time picking out the property, and a lot of cash buying and financing it. You spent lots of money on home décor and your floor coverings, and you also would like to keep your possessions looking their best for years to come.

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If it comes to your floor coverings, the care you give them may have a profound effect on not only how they look, but they will survive. Whether your house is covered with some mix of the two, carpeting or hardwood flooring, you need to watch over your floors if you want them to continue.

Vacuuming and Regular Carpet Cleaning

Routine vacuuming is a great beginning, and something you no doubt already does. What you may not know is that regular vacuuming of your carpets will go so much, or that scheduling regular carpet cleaning at Lilburn is the best way to make your floors as long as you can.

You might think they are clean, If you vacuum your carpeting, and they certainly look more lively and brighter. What you may not know is that vacuuming removes dirt and the dust near the surface. Removing that surface grime will create the rugs look shinier and cleaner, but there is a whole other level of dust, dirt, and allergens lurking below the surface.

Deep Dirt Is Hard To Clean

That's because the most powerful vacuum cleaner can't reach down to the floor level, where dirt and dust tend to get trapped. It is easy to see why dirt would be such an issue -- after all, your relatives are
currently walking on the carpets daily, pushing surface dirt and making it harder to reach. Which may not be an issue right away, but over time those dirt particles will develop, weakening the carpet fibers that are delicate and even reducing the useful life of your floor coverings. Before you know it, your rugs appear old and worn out, though you have been vacuuming them.

By scheduling a carpet cleaning in Sugar Hill, you can prolong the life of your floor coverings and also put off the disruption and high cost of replacing those old worn out carpets. Far from costing you money, you can be saved money and time by scheduling an annual carpet.


What's the best method to prepare my carpeting ?

The ideal thing is to have as furniture eliminated from the carpeting. Getting it vacuumed is 1 to have the cleanest carpet potential !

Are our carpet cleaning compounds harmful to pets or my kids ?

NO !!! We use chemicals to clean upholstery & carpets. Our support technicians must follow all E.P.A guidelines when applying any chemicals used for cleaning.

What should I look out for if being charged for carpet cleaning ?

Beware. Most firms offer extra services, but those fees must be disclosed before the delivery of services ! Pre-treatment for stains must"not" be added if offered a cost for cleaning! Costs do vary from company
to company. Though some may charge by the square footage, some businesses charge by chambers.

What should I watch out for when searching for a carpet cleaning service online ?

You need to determine if they have those that you may call if they're licensed and you've serviced and insured. Years at the company and can it be owner-operated or not. When it's owner-operated, there's
a level of pride that they move along with running it and owning your own company.

Is a truck unit or Mount used for cleaning rugs, perfect ?

A Cleaning machine is mounted on a truck in temperatures of 220's surplus, which offers a cleaning job and divides the dirt! A mobile cleans in a temp leaving your carpets wet and dirty. Truck mount units possess a PSI of 1500, in contrast to 300 PSI, which is typical in the usage of cleaners, the quantity is important! The hotter and the greater the tension, the water usually means a cleaner and more healthy !

What could I expect from All Fresh Carpet Cleaners ?

1) Professional, reliable, and inexpensive service encounter.
2) Pre-inspection of places to be washed with an honest appraisal of a suitable solution.
3) No hidden or unexpected charges.
4) Care for your house when servicing your property.

Once we complete cleaning your carpet, we examine the whole task with you to be certain verything is completed to your satisfaction. We'll make certain you're satisfied before departing your house.


"Our carpet looks brand new!! We recently sold our home and wanted the carpet clean for its new owners. I called All Fresh based for a quote based on their reviews, and I'm happy to say everything positive I read is correct. Rashad is punctual, courteous, professional, and thorough. He did an amazing job. I'm sure the new homeowners will appreciate their clean carpets as much as we appreciate Rashad for doing such an amazing job. We highly recommend All Fresh !!!
Jerilyn Ezell

Five Star Reviews

"With not much notice, I was able to get worked into their schedule rather quickly. Their level of professionalism reinforces the confidence that I had in selecting this company so much, so I have decided to commit to semi-annual cleanings moving forward."
Stone Mountain IMPAACT

Five Star Reviews

"Ricky did an amazing job of bringing my carpet back to life after having a bad flood. He was quick and efficient and also added an amazing spell that left a wonderful aroma in my home. Definitely will book with him again. Thank you so much !!

Five Star Reviews

"I was in search of a great carpet cleaning service as I just purchased my first home. I called All Fresh that morning, and by that afternoon a tech was as the house. Rocky did an amazing job with the floors and gave some great advice about the carpet. He arrived on time and was so professional. I will use then again. Thanks so much again."
Candice Alexander

Five Star Reviews

"Called this afternoon and was able they were able to come out today and clean my carpet. Rocky was prompt and extremely knowledgeable about the products they use and carpet. Excellent customer service and did a fantastic and thorough job on my carpet. I Will recommend and use them again."
Sharon Whipple

Five Star Reviews

"Rocky has done a fantastic job. I cleaned my home and made it spotless. I will recommend him and use their service again. Please don't hesitate to use them. You won't be disappointed."
Voyage Fleet

Five Star Reviews

"As a 1st time customer, I was very impressed with 's Mr. Ricky's customer service, professionalism, & carpet cleaning skills. He brought my carpet back to life. I plan to tell all my neighbors and co-workers about this company. I am, for sure a lifetime customer. Thank you, guys."
Brent B

Five Star Reviews

"What a wonderful experience I had today with Fresh Carpet Cleaners. My carpet was in such bad condition I was almost embarrassed to have somebody to come over and clean it. Thank goodness I chose All Fresh Carpet Cleaners. They came in very pleasant and assessed the rooms I needed to be cleaned. They vacuumed the areas first. I was impressed by how good the carpet looked once the vacuum was completed. Then wow once the cleaning was done, I felt like I was in a new home. Thanks for the fantastic job and the awesome customer service. I will be using your service again."
Cheryl Coleman

Five Star Reviews

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