3 Ideas For Healthy Indoor Air & Avoid Allergy Triggers Caused From Carpets That Need Cleaning

3 Easy Steps to Avoid Allergy Triggers

It’s spring! The birds are chirping, the sun is warm, and the kids are…sneezing. Then you remember…it’s allergy season!

There are 3 methods to keep allergies at bay:
1) Avoidance of the allergen
2) Medicine
3) Immunotherapy (allergy shots)

While we aren’t going to medicate you or provide you any chances, we all can give you some tips on the”avoidance of the allergen” plan. But if you aren’t prepared to lock everyone in the home and tear out the carpets and curtains (yes, this is usually the information you may find to assist with your allergies), then check out our 3 natural (and realistic) measures below to avoid allergy triggers.

3 Easy Steps to Avoid Allergy Triggers


1. Leave the shoes at the door

The number one way that pollen makes its way into your home is on the bottom of your shoes. It gets tracked into the house and pushed deep in your carpeting to trigger those eyes and runny noses. Have a”no shoes in the house” coverage during allergy season, and you will reduce allergy triggers tremendously.

2. Vacuum often

Was it made by a person’s shoes in the house? It is bound to occur with your brand new policy. Keep the space out this season and use it daily to keep the pollen. Better still, have to sanitize us come out to and clean your rugs. All Fresh Carpet Cleaners is certified platinum by the Carpet & Rug Institute, that recommends a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months.

3. Track the pollen count

You will find fantastic sites that you can access on your laptop or phone to really see when peak pollen count times are (here is an excellent one from pollen.com). By identifying patterns in current pollen reports and pollen indexes, it predicts pollen levels for an area. If possible, try not to plan any outdoor activities these days. Or at least you can prepare a few extra allergy medications and are aware if you need to spend time outside on that day!

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