Carpet Cleaning How to Get Rid Of Nasty Carpet Stains

A good carpet can significantly change your home looks; all you need to do is get the color right. That being said, how mats are laid out leaves them highly exposed to incidents like scuffing, spilling, and others. Undoubtedly, all these incidents can significantly taint your precious carpet, so it might be a good idea to look at a few tips for removing nasty carpet stains.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips: The Basics

When most people accidentally spill soup, coffee, juice, etc., on their carpets, their first reaction is likely to be cursing or throwing a mini-feat regardless of who might be present in the vicinity. This is unnecessary because such stains can easily be removed using regular day-to-day items that most people have lying around the house. The most common things are iron boxes, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid or detergent.

Generally, removing carpet stains consists of two steps: blotting and then rinsing. Let’s look at a red wine stain as an example. To begin, soak a piece of cloth in a water-containing detergent, then press the cloth against the soiled area of the carpet for five to ten seconds. Remove the fabric and set it aside for about fifteen minutes (the aim here is to weaken the stain by dissolving it).

Dip the cloth in a vinegar solution and squeeze it on the stain for around five seconds after the time has passed. Withdraw the towel once more and wait for another fifteen minutes. Finally, soak a clean piece of cloth in warm water and gently rub the stain away; it should come off quickly. This particular carpet cleaning technique will work not only for red wine stains but also for ketchup, coffee, dark juice, and soda stains; the degree of blotting and rinsing will depend on the specific stain. Contact us today to learn more about Rug cleaning services in Georgia.

Dealing With Fatty Stains and Wax

Among the ugliest stains are those caused by fatty and oily substances and wax; the funny thing, however, is that these are probably the easiest to get rid of. Carpet stain removal, in this case, will take no more than five minutes if you have all the necessary items in your house. The first item you will need is something that most, if not all, homes have readily available, and that is an iron box. You will also need some kitchen paper/paper towels or whatever else you prefer to call them.

The procedure, in this case, is effortless and straightforward; place the kitchen towel over the stained portion of the carpet. Plugin your iron and let it warm up for about one minute; now, pass it over the paper towel. In seconds, all the fatty, waxy, or oil stains will melt off the carpet and start sticking on the paper towel, and not too long after, they will be no more.

However, the most significant disadvantage of applying DIY tricks is that you will unknowingly damage your carpet’s fabric, eventually weakening it and fading its color. So, if you don’t want your rugs to look old, it’s highly advised to hire a professional to do the work with a natural cleaning process that does not involve any harmful chemicals. Get in touch with us if you scout the best Carpet Cleaning Companies in Georgia.